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[GLOBAL] Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Humidifier [Antibacterial | 4.5L Water Tank | 38dB Low Noise | UV-C Instant Sterilization]
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The stylish and quiet Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier humidifies the room air by generating steam with a large 4.5 liter water tank and ultrasound.
The device's UV-C light kills bacteria from the water and keeps the moist air clean. The water tank to be filled from the outside is easy to fill and there is enough water for 12-15 hours of humidification. The humidity can be easily adjusted and the device is easy to integrate into a smart home.

Antibacterial humidifier
The Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier uses ultrasound to produce cool visible steam that moistens the room air. The water tank of the device has UV-C light, which kills bacteria from the water and keeps the moist air clean. Ultraviolet radiation is widely used for disinfection, for example in swimming pools and operating theaters.

Top-filling water tank
The water tank that can be filled on top of the humidifier is easy to fill by pouring water into it, for example with a water jug. This eliminates the need to move the device. A large 4.5 liter water tank is enough for up to 12-15 hours of continuous humidification. The appliance produces 300 milliliters of steam per hour.

Adjustable humidity
The humidifier has three optional humidity levels that you can choose according to your own preferences. With the built-in humidity sensor, the humidity level can also be kept constant automatically.

Stylish and quiet interior element
The stylish white humidifier is suitable as a natural interior element for all environments. The mood light of the water tank brings a calm atmosphere to the room and also makes it easy to see the amount of water and the humidity level. Thanks to the exceptionally quiet 38 decibel running sound, the humidifier can be kept running even while sleeping.

The handy sized device measures 190 x 190 x 353 millimeters and weighs 1.9 kilograms. Electricity consumption in use is 25 watts.
Convenient to control with touch, voice commands and phone application

The humidifier can be conveniently controlled with the push of a button, voice commands and the Mi Home phone application.
With an easy-to-use phone app, you can adjust the humidity level and schedule when the humidifier is on and when it is not. The humidifier can also be controlled using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa virtual assistants.

Easy to integrate into a smart home
The humidifier can also be connected as part of a smart home with a Mi Control Hub or Aqara Hub smart hub that connects to a wireless Wi-Fi network. This allows the humidifier to be switched on, for example, when the motion detector detects movement in the room.